RigiMill MT Vertical Machining Centre

 RigiMill MT provides the highest quality in precision and rigidity


RigiMill Moving Table Vertical machining centre suitable for shorter parts

The RigiMill Moving Table (MT) is the fixed-gantry plus moving table design.

RigiMill MT is equally as compact as the RigiMill MG but requires less floor space



RigiMill MT working envelope is suitable for shorter parts, up to 240” (6,000 mm) long. Highlights include:

  • Up to 1,000 cubic inches (16.4 liters) of chip removal per minute in aluminum
  • Up to 55 cubic inches (0.9 liter) of chip removal per minute in titanium
  • Automatic pallet system up to 240” (6,000 mm)
  • Complete machine housing where the parts are processed into a fully covered working zone

  • Full automation options available

Combined with Modig standard pallet system, RigiMill MT has an impressive minimum foot print within a fully automatic palletized cell.

Click on the images below to view case studies showing significant chip removal time savings for aluminium wing ribs.

Single spindle high speed gantry RigiMill MG provides the highest quality and precision for machining aluminum RigiMill MT significant chip removal time saving for aluminium aircraft wing rib

For UK or EIRE enquiries relating to MODIG Machine Tool Sweden RigiMill MT moving table vertical machining centres please contact MikeB@M-TechUK.com

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