Automotive Aluminium Technologies

High precision machining of automotive components

Aluminium extrusion technologies can reduce costs and improve margins for electric vehicle manufacturers

Electric Car and Truck component machining requires:

  • High speed machining to increase through-put
  • High part finish quality to increase productivity
  • Intricate parts such as front bumpers are best machined via advanced aluminium extrusion
  • Larger parts such as battery trays or beams can be machined more efficiently with single load high precision machining centres 

Advanced Solutions for Automotive extrusions:

MODIG Machine Tool Sweden specialise in advanced high precision solutions for electric car components such as front bumpers and battery pack floor pan structures. 

HHV delivers high productivity with extraordinary precision and repeatability.

Shortened production times lead to lower manufacturing costs. HHV’s enviable uptime, low maintenance, reasonable fixture and tooling cost leads to increased margins for electric car manufacturers.

  • Small footprint universal machining center
  • Accommodates aluminum and carbon fiber parts up to 60 feet long with across section of 10x6 inches
  • Revolutionary patented rotary chuck design making it possible to control the reference jaw by using the CNC system
  • Automatic 20 bar In-Feed and finished part work holder carousel for “lights out”  working
  • Reduces cycle time by 40-60% compared to other machines


      In a recent trial electric vehicle Battery Tray Components have been machined on Modig HHV2 in 4 minutes generating 67 % Time Saving [Compared to 12 minutes on competitor machine]

      Click here for further details on Modig Horizontal High Velocity machining centres, the HHV2 and HHV3.

      Advanced Solutions for Large aluminium parts:

      MODIG Machine Tool have designed a new horizontal machining centre, the EVM2 specifically for machining battery trays and frames of electric vehicles.

      EVM-2 single set-up, twin-spindle machine substantially reduces traditional cycle times, increases efficiency, minimizes production cost, and achieves maximum productivity.

      • Horizontal machining
      • Single set-up
      • Twin spindle
      • Working envelope of 1600 mm x 3500 mm
      • Reversible rotating table for easy part loading
      • 95% uptime guarantee 

      For UK or EIRE enquiries relating to high precision and high productivity automotive aluminium component machining please contact

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